The plans

Jacques Prévert is an artist with a heterogeneous career, who has won renown through various fields: cinema, songs, theatre, poetry, literature and collages. Yet, the diversity of his work remains underestimated; Jacques Prévert is too often restricted to his image of a writer for children. Since its creation, Fatras gets down to restore the various areas of his work, by introducing or by getting involved in diverse cultural projects: publishing of books and DVD, republications of sold-out works, exhibitions, colloquiums, live performances, film festivals…

Fatras besides undertook a work of inventory of Jacques Prévert’s private Collection, consisted of documents and works having belonged to Jacques Prévert (collages, correspondence, scenarios, manuscripts, photos and more), with the ambition of becoming a real research centre and a platform of exchanges around the artist, his work and his artistic friendships. The accompaniment of the researchers and the assistance to the documentation are essential for a better knowledge and a better distribution of the work.

The profits of the auction organized in June, 2010 by ADER brought a financial breath to Fatras. They have enabled projects for the long term, and in particular to invest in the preservation equipment for Jacques Prévert’s private Collection, as well as to launch the finishing works of the flat, cite Véron, in order to present works, organize events and punctually welcome an audience.