The collection

Eugénie Bachelot Prévert gave to her company Fatras the whole private collection of Jacques Prévert, bequeathed by her grandmother, Janine Prévert. Jacques Prévert’s private collection consists of the heritage having belonged to Jacques Prévert as well as his own documents and works: paintings, personal belongings, correspondence, clippings, pictures, books, records, manuscripts and typescripts of poems and songs, drawings, scenarios of movies, collages, ephemerides… Acquisitions during auctions and from galleries, with the donations of private individuals, carry on expanding the collection.

An important work of inventory and digitalization of the archives was undertaken in order to offer to the researchers the effective tools for their works, answer at best the diverse requests of documentation, facilitate the procedures of loans and deepen the various projects of Fatras: publication of works relating to Jacques Prévert and to his work, republication of sold-out books, exhibitions…

Fatras has the calling to become a real centre of resources, a place of exchanges with the researchers, any person or institution anxious to bring or to obtain information. A part of the work of classification consists in listing documents kept by third parties or by other institutions, in gathering testimonies on Jacques Prévert or the persons having mixed with him, as well as to collect the publications or the university works.