The cinema

In the case of a film adaptation of a Jacques Prévert’s unpublished scenario andor dialogues, or of one of his texts the first destination of which is not cinematic, it is advisable to send a memorandum to Fatras as well as a description of the project in order to obtain beforehand an agreement in principle allowing an authorization. Contact Fatras.

To use an excerpt of a movie of which Jacques Prévert wrote or co-wrote the scenario andor the dialogues, it is necessary to contact the concerned producers.

To screen a movie of which Jacques Prévert is the co-author, it is necessary to contact the concerned producers andor distributors in order to obtain the material and the necessary agreements.

To use an excerpt of dialogues of a movie written by Jacques Prévert, in any form (in a book, a movie…), please contact Fatras – an agreement may require to be completed, where necessary, by that of the possible co-authors or their heirs.

Photogram of the movie Aubervilliers – Swiss Film library / © Eli Lotar

To obtain the screening material or any authorization relative to the short film Aubervilliers (directed by Eli Lotar, with Jacques Prévert’s comment, 1945), please contact Fatras. Fatras is the transferee of the producing rights since 2003 and has acquired the material of this movie.