The songs

Music arrangements of Jacques Prévert’s poems

A preliminary request to Fatras is imperative. As most of the renowned texts have already been arranged into songs during Jacques Prévert’s life, mainly by Joseph Kosma, Christiane Verger and Louis Bessières, a new musical creation from the text is impossible. Texts which can be the object of a music arrangement, in a non exclusive way, are the ones which were arranged into songs after Jacques Prévert’s death or those who would never have been the object of a music arrangement. Contact Fatras for any request or information.

Arrangements and adaptations of songs

To carry out arrangements andor adaptations, it is advisable to obtain beforehand the agreement in principle of Eugénie Bachelot Prévert, of the composer’s heirs as well as of the music publisher. Please contact Fatras for any request or information.

Use of the songs

The use, with no change, of the songs composed in Jacques Prévert’s lifetime (such as the very well-known Les Feuilles Mortes and Barbara) has to be the object of a request to the SACEM (Association of composers and music publishers to protect copyright and royalties), to the SDRM as well as to the music publishers concerned, if necessary. However, regarding the creation of a music show consisted mainly of Jacques Prévert’s songs ; it is advisable to obtain a prior authorization of Fatras. Contact Fatras.