Renovation work

Fifty years after the arrival of the family Prévert to the cité Véron, it was necessary to design a new arrangement for the flat, which now welcomes the premises of the Fatras society. In 2006, Eugénie Bachelot Prévert thus undertook a project of layout, entrusted to the stage designer Jean-Luc Ardouin, corresponding to the duality of the space : on one hand the most exact as possible restoration of the “historic” parts, halfway between the reconstruction and the museographic arrangement, on the other hand the arrangement of offices and the creation of a space dedicated to the consultation and to the research. The flat, work and commemorative place preserves intact to this day Jacques Prévert’s presence.

The office is, in terms of conservation and visit, the major component of the flat : Jacques Prévert spent a lot of time there, made collages, wrote, received friends. The images of Jaques Prévert, immortalized on numerous occasions by his friends photographers (Robert Doisneau, André Villers) in his universe of creation, in the middle of a heterogeneous jumble of abundant objects, confusedly assorted tricks, books, pictures, records, handwritten notes, ephemerides, engravings cut for his collages, scissors, etc., have allowed, with the memories of the close relations, the reconstruction of the place as before.
The atmosphere of the dining room, uncluttered living space, and of his daughter’s room, Michèle known as Minette, with her cuddly toys, her toys, and quantity of books which Jacques Prévert bought her, were also restored.

In 2011, some last alteration work was finished. The place grew rich of an exhibition space emphasizing the signed books, handwritten books, collages and the other works resulting of the Fatras Archives Collection, as well as a projection room.