Jacques et Janine Prévert sur la terrasse de leur appartement, cité Véron, vers 1960 - Collection privée Jacques Prévert/Photo DR

When Jacques Prévert dies on April 11th, 1977, his wife Janine takes care of the management of his work. With the disappearance of Janine, in 1993, the granddaughter of Jacques and Janine, Eugénie, daughter of Michèle Prévert (daughter of Jacques and Janine, known as Minette, deceased in 1986) and of Hugues Bachelot, is the unique heiress of the Jacques Prévert succession and, as such, only holder of the moral right.

Michèle Prévert, dite Minette, Antibes, octobre 1968 – Collection privée Jacques Prévert/Photo DR

Aged 19, Eugénie then founds the Fatras society, a name which reminds the title of one of Jacques Prévert’s anthologies. This EURL, of which she is the unique associate, is first managed by Eugénie’s father, then by both of them in joint management from 1997. In 2000, Eugénie Bachelot Prévert becomes the only manager and appoints a team of two people, a jurist and an archivist-researcher, thus sharing the daily running between the management of the rights and that of the archives.

Fatras has no lucrative purpose, the generated rights are reinvested into the management of the work and the upkeep of Jacques Prévert’s flat which now accommodates the Fatras’ premises, 6 bis Cité Véron, in the 18th district of Paris. Eugénie Bachelot Prévert has given up all her patrimonial rights on Jacques Prévert’s works to the Fatras society, as well as her rights and obligations attached to all the contracts allowing the exploitation or management of the literary or artistic rights on the works.